This last week was all about mixing things up.

After the last stretch of Honey Dill comics I was feeling the urge to do something different, maybe return to the David Bowie story I started back in December. I can’t say exactly why I started writing this, but I suppose it was an effort to mash a bunch of my favourite things together to create a project that was chock-full of joy.

Cartoon? Check.

Time travel? Check.

Comedy? Check.

David Bowie? Check.

At first there really was no story, just an exercise in putting some drawings together to make something that led from one panel to another. Like, wouldn’t this world be interesting? Let’s just make it and keep going until it doesn’t make any sense. After the first few pages I had to stop and get back to other stuff, some money-making stuff, but I knew I’d definitely come back at some point, armed with a more fleshed out idea for a story arc.                                                                                                     
Here I’m working to nail down (as much as possible) the character design of the two main characters; how they move, how they react, what are their hopes and dreams?

As far as the visuals go, I’m trying to find a balance between simplicity and detail. I always want my baseline to be simple, uncomplicated, but at times I’ll let my mind wander into a process of adding detail where it maybe doesn’t belong. Just for the sake of it.

I’ll be continuing the story, adding bits here and there throughout the year until there’s a solid first chapter with a more-or-less complete world.

Oh, and just so there’s proof David Bowie actually DID have a haircut like this when he was younger, here’s a picture.