I am the Morning Lizard


I have an interesting relationship with mornings. A certain give and take. For whatever reason I’ve always been the kind of person who becomes more productive as the day goes on. In university this led to a lot of 3 a.m. copy editing sessions (generally accepted as the best time of day to copy edit).

But in the morning? Boy, sometimes it can take a while the get the ol’ gears turning. It’s like my body is one of those stuffy, long-corridored museums and the early hours security guard has a real laissez–faire attitude  toward his job duties, in this case: walking around to each wing and turning on the lights. I’ve gotten much better in the last few years, learning ways to avoid the complete zombie effect, but I always feel it even just for a little bit.  

On another note: chameleons are slow, and hilarious, and just great. I could watch them awkwardly grab at nearby objects for days on end.