Collab w/ Kotopopi

Hiya. So this bit of news is from a little earlier in the month but I still haven't made any mention of it here. Until now!

A few weeks ago comic artist Kotopopi approached me about the possibility of collaborating on a guest comic for her series #Millennials over on Webtoon (and elsewhere). Luckily, I had a some extra time in the ol' schedule (and I like the overall tone + style of her work) so we were able to put something together that I thought was a nice blend of both our voices. 

Since this came out some readers have asked me if Daft Punk should really be considered an older band, for those in their thirties and such. Listen, I love their new stuff but I'll always think of them first for their hits in the 90s (pre-robot-helmets), Da Funk and Around the World.