New Store / Pins, Pins, Pins

Holy smokes,

Last week we finished up our Live Slow giveaway on Instagram and now we're finally making the pin available to order online. Until now our little enamel sloth friends had only made one appearance out in the great wide world, at our local indie comic convention, Prairie Comics. But now. NOW. Everyone can get them! If you’ve been thinking about getting your hot little hands on one of these cool dudes, they’re for sale on our *newly designed* storefront. Check it out right hurrrAnd for a limited time we’ll be selling them at convention-price, $10 each! Grab ‘em while the getting’s good because we only have a small amount left. Aside from the pins, you can also get our first book King of Pies as well as a few select prints at the new store.

Okay, a new Arcade Fire single and sloth enamel pins just a few days apart? What a time to be alive.

I may be in a slightly more ebullient mood than normal because it’s finally warm and sunny again around our parts and I’m feeling 80% confident that I just correctly identified an unmarked live plant I got for $1 at the thrift store. So, this feels like an all-around win and definitely super relatable to everyone.