Sloth Pin Giveaway Contest


Are you a nice person who likes free things? What am I saying? Of course you are, you're reading this blog so obviously you are a nice, cool, strong, wonderful human. Anyway, we're having a contest this week on Instagram and you could win a free sloth pin.

Laura and I are so close to launching (trumpet sound) our new online storefront later this week and to kick that off we decided to give away some of these little sloth dudes. We also wanted to try it as a push to get to 4,000 followers on IG because we're sitting around 3,950 right now and that number is just so close to a much better number. Right?

As a thank you to all who participate we also have a secret bonus we’ll be announcing at the end of the contest but for now we’re keeping that secret secret.

Good luck out there!