Come see us WPG!

Hey gang,

It's been a while, can we catch up for a sec?

As I'm writing this we're less than a week out from our first show of the year, the second annual Prairie Comics Festival. Shows are always fun because you get to see people react to your material in person, like irl. It's so rejuvenating to get a genuine response from someone who enjoys your work (or your friends' work for that matter) even if they’re just seeing it for the first time. I know I'm pointing out the obvious but comic-bookery can be such a solitary process, it’s important to balance the shut-in time with some serious social community time. Get out there, WITH THE PEOPLE.

If you want to come see the Honey Dill table at PCF, we’ll be there Saturday & Sunday, May 6-7 at the Millennium Library (Winnipeg). Admission is free and honestly you guys? There's gonna be some great artists with high-quality work comfortably outside the mainstream. It speaks to me so much. 

Here's a link if you want to check out more PCF:

What else is new? Oh, THE PINS!

We just got these sweet ass live slow pins just in time for the PCF show and we're gonna make them available on the website so soon. I gotta say these pins are right up there for me on the list of “things I drew once and now can't believe exist as objects in the real world.” I’m hoping there’s some decent demand for these suckers because I’m already thinking of other designs to get ready. Maybe a nice koala pin, or maybe even a pin for the cool-dude version of Mount Rushmore. So many possibilities, the mind boggles!

OK, one last thing for now: a music recommendation. Laura and I got to see Whitney in concert a couple weeks ago. Apparently Winnipeg loves Whitney because the tickets for this thing got nabbed real fast. This recommendation isn’t the “freshest” but I’d feel like a dummy if I didn’t mention Whitney somewhere. Their debut album Light Upon the Lake was by far one of my favourites from 2016, always on heavy rotation. But really, check them out. It’s one of those albums I hunted down on vinyl right away because it’ll still be a good listen down the road.

Love ferever,