PCF Aftermath, also VACATION!


So it's been about five days since Prairie Comics and I'm still feeling all the good vibes in the aftermath. The idea behind PCF was to foster a more intimate atmosphere that focused heavily on creators and independent material rather than your typical mainstream, hero genre type affair. I know Laura and I were super grateful to have something like this come along, and super grateful to have a go-getter like Hope Nicholson organize and promote the darn thing. Hope is a total force of nature editor & publisher who runs Bedside Press out of Winnipeg. 

This was our first ever event-type-thing and also the first ever Prairie Comics. Firsts abound. The whole month leading up to to PCF was filled with anxieties and mad scrambles to get our whole shit together in a "professional" kinda way. In retrospect, the looming deadline of the festival helped motivate us in a big bad way. Table banners, pins, six different postcard print designs, business cards, display material; fear of looking stupid is the ultimate motivation.

I could go on for a while, but sufficed to say the people we met and made connections with at PCF were all wonderful, generous, and inspiring. Isn't making friends great, gang? It must be a new thing. 

All that said, random coincidence has both Laura and I on a short vacation this week as we recoup from Prairie Comics (and a full-ass month of other craziness). New comics will be coming again real soon, but as for this week I'll just say this: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I love you all like super powered star children,