Guac Party / Prairie Comics


Sometimes you get an idea in your head and you just have to do it. The idea must happen, or else the fabric of time will splinter and break. This is one of those things.

“What if two people were flying around a bowl of guacamole, rotating like a pinwheel?” I’d think. “Well if I draw just one picture and rotate part of it in Photoshop I could easily make a bunch of frames and turn it into a GIF pretty quick.” Then it’s over. My life, that is, until the freaking gif is done.

Beyond guacamole and all, Laura and I are starting to get things ready for the Prairie Comics Festival at the end of the month. It should be a strong collection of artsy farts and comic weirdos from the prairies, like us. I’ve even volunteered to talk on a panel about webcomics, which seemed like a smart idea at the time. We’re about 25 days out from the event now and we’re frantically running off test prints, measuring templates, browsing merch packaging, plying friends with treats so they help out, etc.

It feels nice to have a few of these orders actually out the door. Relaxing in a naive thinks-the-work-is-done-now kinda way.


So, if you’re in Winnipeg (and who isn’t?) on July 30, come on bah the Millennium Library to hear me speak as though I know what I’m talking about on the subject of life, liberty, and a very small amount about webcomics. There will also be many other talented Canadians in the house so I mean you can’t lose.

Alrighty, I love you all with a burning intensity.