Fancy Mister Journalist Clark Kent


From: Clark Kent, Struggling Journalist

Superman is great, right? As a kid I was really big into super hero comics right around the time DC comics decided to kill Superman then spend months bringing him back from the dead through different dimensions of trendy 90s artistic motifs. Honestly, I mean, look at these four guys that came out of DC at that time and try to tell me which one is THE MOST inspired by 1990s. It’s like a riddle. Is it the street-wise, leather jacket pretty boy Superman, or the Terminator rip-off nightmare Superman? Or the guy with freaking wraparound sunglasses of the cosmos? 


Anyway, I’m getting off topic. I’ve always thought it was funny how Superman (err, Clark Kent) chose to spend his time away from crime fighting. A man with unlimited power spent the majority of his day-time hours churning away breaking news pieces for the city paper? Or did they even give him good stories to run with?

Clark K: I just know there’s criminal activity and high level corruption going on at City Hall, Mr. White. If I had a beat there I could really crack this scandal wide open.

Perry W: Yes, well, I’ve got another great story in mind for you, Clark. You see, there’s this dynamite dog trick act coming through town and I’d just love to have you cover the whole dang thing.

Clark K: Uhhh, okay... Yes. I tell you what, I’ll give it a super effort! Hah!

Perry W: What?

Clark K: Nothing.