Holy crap.


Ok, so holy crap for two reasons. The first, the site had a crazy spike in traffic this past week for the How to Win Friends and Influence People comic. It kinda took off on Reddit and ended up on the front page of /r/comics/ for a while. In a couple days it brought over 100,000 visitors to Honey Dill. Which is fucking crazy. I can’t even comprehend of that many people all reading the same comic about a strange man with a wig, all within around 24 hours of each other. That’s wild. This world, amirite?

Second holy crap thing is this: I missed out on it until now but OH MY GOD Courtney Barnett. I found two albums of hers recently, A Sea of Split Peas and Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit, and they just knocked my socks off, pardon the language. I had just reached that point where everything I was listening to and everything I had on my phone felt so stale. Her stuff swings back and forth from low-fi to early 90s punk. I kept thinking of Bikini Kill, Pavement, and Nirvana. What am I saying, though? You already know this, I’m late to the party.

These albums will be on rotation in my work jamz playlist for a good minute.