A Real Life Book


Where did the summer go? It just began like a second ago. How long have I been asleep? Anyway, there are things to talk about. We got a book printed! But more about that in a second.

After about a year and a half online, we’re finally gonna bring Honey Dill to a big convention show, with lots of fun stuff to buy. A few months ago Laura and I took part in the first ever Prairie Comics Festival, a super cool alternative comic show just the right size to allow newer artists to get their feet wet in a trade show-type setting.

After PCF ended we went out for beers with a handful of the exhibitors. Stories were exchanged, acquaintances were made, and before the end of the night we were encouraged enough to sign up for Winnipeg’s big yearly comic convention, C4. The learning curve is a bit steep for this one; our first show did something around 400 visitors over a one-day period, and C4 supposedly does a crowd of around 40,000 over three days.

In effort to match the level of gravitas afforded to your juice bar proprietors and supplement sellers of the world, we made a big sign. It’s tall! It’s kinda fun making this stuff, guys.


But more than this magnificent sign, the bigger show was enough to push me to finally put together a print collection of Honey Dill comics. Like, a real life book. Actually accomplishing that goal was a lot tougher than I first thought, given all the comics were already finished. That is to say I thought it would take like, I dunno, an evening? Two? In order to finish the layout... of a 94 page book... from scratch? Well, whatever; fast forward 3 or 4 weeks, past a few horrifyingly late, last-minute work sessions, and you have a finished book (with a very tired me).

“Finished” is sort of the right word. That’s the point in the process where you wait through a nerve-wracking weeks-long process before you can see anything that’s been done on the production side. After having so much control over every minor detail of the weird raw clay that will eventually become a book, you end up with this laissez faire attitude after sending off your files to the printer, like “Well, I sure hope some small problem doesn’t make this thing print like dog doo, but I can’t do anything about that now!”

So: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thankfully the book came out looking great. We’ll have a select batch of these for sale for the first time at C4, in Winnipeg. After that we’re planning to make it available for order on the website hopefully not too long after.

Now if you want to come see our pretty faces in person, the Central Canada Comic Con (oh I get it, there are four Cs) runs from Oct. 28-30, the weekend riiiiight before Halloween. Come visit and see our big sign, it’s glorious!