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From: Cribbage with Grandpas

Alright, so this is very important news, you guys: this game is freaking real.

A few months ago I was chatting with my friend Leanne about collaborating on a comic for an independent video game magazine she runs out of Vancouver. Leanne and I worked together as newspaper buddies when us and some other chums ran the university paper in town. At some point in our magical Skype conversation this game came up and I pretty much just lost all of my shit.

“Wait, so you’re making an actual cribbage game for my phone that includes a full-on create-a-grandpa feature? I CAN CUSTOMIZE MY OWN SET OF GRANDPAS?!”

That’s generally how I remember my half of the convo. Long story short, though, as soon as I heard about Cribbage with Grandpas I pretty much insisted that Honey Dill had to do some sort of comic tie-in to help promote the game.

Of course, it helps that Lan (Leanne) is mah friend, but honestly? At the exact same moment Pokemon Go continues to wrap its spindly claws around our most cherished resource (Millennials), Cribbage with Grandpas comes out as a shining, reassuring beacon of hope for all that is right about video games. You play cribbage. You play against the computer. The computer is your grandpa. You get to create your grandpa. I like that... let’s see it as a poem.

  • You play cribbage,
  • You play against the computer,
  • The computer is your Grandpa,
  • You get to create your Grandpa .

Brilliant. It works on all levels. Don’t think about it, let’s just move on.

Leanne made this game with her friend Justin; it's the first to be developed under her collaboration-inspired company, Less Than Three Interactive. All of these things are just thoroughly impressive and make me feel like I haven’t done bupkis with my youth. Bupkis! Laura and I have been playing a super-secret early release of the game and god damnit is it addictive. To the point where we started needing our daily “cribbage fix” or else we would get cranky and lash out at innocent bystanders.

Anyway, please for the good of humanity check out the trailer for the game, then don’t hesitate to download that sucker and begin playing immediately. Your cold, cold heart will thank you.

- Ryan


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