Notes about making fake records


I didn’t grow up in the time when vinyl was king, but I’ve always loved how much care obviously went into the presentation of the product with these larger physical releases. You get the feeling the album cover is so important it just has to import some sort of hidden sage wisdom, ala any Yes or Boston or Asia record ever.

One thing I did find putting this one together is that I can definitely draw fake album covers indefinitely, until the end of time, please.

Oh, and I have to talk about Melvis! Err, Elvis. The last record is based on something I have in my possession that I find totally fascinating: a record that is 100%, from start-to-finish,  concert clips of Elvis speaking to the audience in between songs. It’s called, “Having Fun with Elvis on Stage.” It is by far one of the oddest records in my house.

So many things... Why produce a talking only album? Was there a copyright issue with the songs? Did Elvis need a quick buck? Oh, I see he was the executive producer. Was the label worried about getting sued if it wasn’t totally obvious the only thing taking place on this record was “talking”?

And finally, do any of the tracks relate to each other or have any coherent connecting thought beyond an aging Elvis totally riffing mostly about his reputation with women in murmuring, muttering, and sometimes spastic manner? No.

But I’ll tell you something. I listened to this whole dang record and I can honestly say there was a moment when Elvis said something really funny and it made me laugh. I thank you for that, Elvis. God bless.