Hello, hi. What a nice day it is (I'm assuming).

Where to start? I should introduce myself: my name is Ryan. I live in Canada, I draw things, I have a small studio, I have a wife, I have a cat: his name is Archie. I'd like to use this blog as a way of keeping things up-to-date behind the scenes at Honey Dill. How things come together and how things fall apart. 

What are my interests you ask? When I was a kid I liked punk music, skateboarding, and Kids in the Hall. Now that I'm an adult I like eclectic indie and soul, jogging, and Kids in the Hall. Some things change. 

In the past I've made comics about a futuristic cyborg Nicolas Cage, a time traveler who works at foot locker, and a dysfunctional family of seafarers.  

These first obligatory posts are always sort of strange so why don't I punctuate the ending with a song to commemorate the launch of Honey Dill. An older song (2006) but I always love Ratatat and I'll never grow old of the sound of the wildcat in the background. We have this album on vinyl and that part always freaks out Archie.