Super Boilio: World 1-8


From: Super Boilio: World 1-8

Ahh Boilio, what a character. I remember the idea for the name came about a couple years ago when I was talking to someone about how weird the name Waluigi is.

If you don’t know who Waluigi is, don’t worry I gotchu. In the Super Mario universe Mario has an evil... cousin? Some flipsy-dipsy version of himself that’s a lot less heroic and a lot more mischievous. That’s Wario. Anyway, somewhere down the road the game developers decided that Mario’s brother Luigi also needed his own chaotic-mirror-version-doppelganger guy  and the name they chose (at least in the English translated versions) for this character was Waluigi. It’s got to be one of the weirdest logical reasonings behind naming a character. Not really a subversion of Luigi’s name, just kind of tacking on the whole Wario-thang to the name Luigi as if it establishes some sort of alternate universe paternal / twin relationship type scenario.  

It got me thinking about how weird names are in video games, in general. The thought of Boilio came up as a really pathetic alternate reality version of Mario; sort of like if Mario was mixed with Jack Lemon’s character from Glengarry Glen Ross.

And obviously the Swiss Cheese King is bursting with charisma. I always wanted to know more about those various royalties you rescued throughout Mario 3. They seemed like an interesting bunch, right?