New Merch and FREE STICKERS!



Hello world!

You know, over here at Honey Dill we operate much like a duck; calm above the water, even emitting a silly noise once and again, while under the surface there is a frantic flurry of panicked activity. OK, maybe not panicked but there is plenty going on. One thing, for example, is that Honey Dill now has merch! Shirts, and bags, and pillows, and... and clocks! Hah!

Take a peek at the shop link above/here to checkout all the new stuff made available through the overlords at Society 6.


So what else is new? Get this: we are giving away stickers. FREE STICKERS. I know, are we nuts? Yes. Surely, there must be a catch right? There is! You gotta earn them. And here’s how you do it:

Pick one of your favourite comics on the website, share it using the social media buttons on that page or by copying the URL. In the post write one of the following hilarious statements:

“I’m sharing this comic with my network of friends and all I get in return is a free set of dumb stickers.”

“I have sold my integrity for FREE stickers. Look at this comic.”

“Doctors say this comic is good for you and they are right. Read it now and forever.”

Actually, you know what? You can write whatever you want. Just make sure that whatever you post includes the hashtag #honeyd4free so we can find your post and reward you with all the riches you so sorely deserve. Namely, a set of four stickers that you can place on whatever surface your little heart desires!

The giveaway will last as long as the supplies do, so get in on the action early and claim your free stuff!


So that’s both it and all for now. Excited to have our first run of real products. Still in the middle of a big move, but more on that later on!

Ryan + Laura (and Archie the cat who just forcibly sat down on top of my arm as I sit here typing).