What is this?

Honey Dill is a comic series I started in 2015. It lives on the internet and updates regularly.

What is it about?

In the end, everything is tied together by awkward, absurd silliness. Growing up I loved stuff like The Far Side or Kids in the Hall where there was this freedom to pursue a totally different comedic idea each scene. It’s just too fun to create these little worlds that exist solely to produce a weird moment.

Any recurring stuff?

Some, yeah. Some characters will show up more than once. Lots of genre references, too: monsters, spaceships, time travel, ghosts. That sort of thing.

Who are you?

Oh wow, big question. Well, my name is Ryan Harby.

I'm a writer and illustrator from Canada. I studied at the University of Manitoba, then worked a little in newspapers and advertising before i started making cartoons for a living. I work out of Winnipeg where i live with my lovely family.

I want to speak to you

Easy enough! Go here.

Can I repost your comics? Can I print them in my cool paper?

Mostly? Yes. As long as you credit where the comic came from then we’re cool. And as far as printing goes, if it’s not-for-profit then go for it. If it’s for profit then you’ll have to contact that address above and we’ll have to have a serious conversation.

Where can we find you?

Aside from the website, you can follow all the new stuff on instagram, twitter, and facebook: @iamhoneydill. I also attend a handful of conventions and festivals every year so if you follow close you might see me at a thingie near you!

How can I support your work?

Great question! If you enjoy my stuff and want to find a way to help the comic out I have a Patreon account over here and an online print shop over here. Both are tremendous options if you want to help support the comic and/or its caffeine-addled creator.

Anything else?

I mean sure, lots. But we can leave it at that for now.