What is this?

Honey Dill is a webcomic series loosely based on humanity. But also pop culture and cats and food. AND ROCK AND ROLL. Ahem.

The comic is produced by Ryan & Laura Harby, who live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the World. Ryan creates art for pay and for free. He can usually be found watching either Kids in the Hall or King of the Hill. Laura serves as the Honey Dill support team, she can be found at the local library (where she works) or at home on the couch (where she knits).

When does it update?

The comic updates weekly on Wednesday with occasional bonus updates over the weekend. 

I want to speak to you

First off, that’s very flattering. Second off? Sure. You can contact Ryan by sending an electronic mail to ryanharby@gmail.com. Easy enough.

Can I repost your comics? Can I print them in my cool paper?

Mostly? Yes. As long as you credit where the comic came from then we’re cool. And as far as printing goes, if it’s not-for-profit then go for it. If it’s for profit then you’ll have to contact that address above and we’ll have to have a serious conversation.

The social meeds

So here's the thing, you can follow @iamhoneydill on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and get the comic (or most of it) straight to your veins. Laura hates the word veins.

If you use comic-reading apps Tapas or Webtoon, you can find Honey Dill comics posted regularly, including most of the archived stuff as well. 

Ryan also posts comics on Reddit under the name dillmitchell, for some reason.